Want Your Marketing to Stand Out and Grab Attention?

(and get lots of Sales, Conversions, Views, Clicks, Likes and Shares?!)

....I don’t even think about using anything other than Doodle Labs art for my Whiteboard videos and doodle animations.

Scott Hamlin
Easy Animator Pro
I WANT! - Take me to the goodies!

Every day, we are BOMBARDED with Marketing Images, all trying to GRAB our ATTENTION.....

So how do YOU grab attention?

Are you using Emotional Images to trigger a response?

If not - you are definitely missing out!

If the images in your marketing generate an emotional response... then you are half way there.

Imagine you have a product that HELPS overworked stay at home moms...

Do you think this image in her facebook feed, display ad or email, might just trigger an emotion?

Do you think that person might just say...

"Hey... that's Me!

That's how I FEEL"

Think about it.

If your product is a Health Spa, Vitamins, a Childminding or Cleaning Service.....

It doesn't matter.

All that matters is they are all services that an OVERWHELMED Mom might need.

That's where you start.

Find the emotion or situation your prospect is in, and grab their attention

Only when you have your Prospects attention, can you deliver your marketing message

If you don't get the first bit right, your marketing is dead in the water.

So wouldn't it be great to have a HUGE library of pre drawn eMoodles images, categorised by

- Emotions

- Situations

- Niches and

- Keywords

Instantly searchable AND available in multiple formats

- SVGs

- MP4 Video Clips

- Animated GIFs

- PNGs

all ready to drop into your Marketing?



A HUGE collection of Premium, Professional, Emotion, Situation and Niche based images

Designed BY Marketers FOR Marketers. Drawn by Piers Baker (Doodle Labs)

For use in ALL your Online Marketing

Take me to the Goodies..

At Doodle Ads - we can create a great emotionally charged video or image based marketing content for an extensive collection of industries in 30 minutes from start to finish.

Because we literally have thousands of premium quality, emotion based marketing images to choose from.

All the images are Categorised and Tagged for fast, easy access in our search library

All our images are bundled into themes around an emotion, situation or niche

Available in a variety of formats perfect for all Media

To preview Month 1 images click the image below.....

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to search for and download the perfect images in our members library :

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If you think copywriting is hard,

try drawing for Marketers for a living

Piers Baker
Doodle Ads

Some examples of how we successfully use eMoodles for ourselves and our clients....

1) Whiteboard Videos

Think Whiteboard Video is Old News? Think Again...

As of writing (Nov 2016) our whiteboard business is still thriving and charging over $2000 per video.

For explainer videos, training videos, presentations and more, there is still a huge market for PROFESSIONAL work.

Our images work with all software, Explaindio, Reevio, Powerpoint, Groove Animator, Easy VSL... the list goes on. See an example to the right.....

2) Social Media Ads & Posts

Short Animated Posts are HUGELY popular with our clients and can be used everywhere.

As a GIF or an MP4, there are a thousand stories and captions you can put with an eMoodle. With the library you will have enough content to feed your social media channels and adverts for a good while!

Instagram posts, Facebook Ads and posts, YouTube Ads...short sharp attention grabbing videos and GIFs that get people to click, share and like. Here's an example of a simple Facebook Ad we ran..

3) Animated GIFs for Instagram, Display Ads, Email and MUCH more...

GIFs are so simple to make (Especially with the soon to be released Doodle Animator) and can be used EVERYWHERE!

Perfect for Instagram posts, creating effective eye grabbing google display adverts, and don't underestimate how effective dropping an animated gif into your email broadcasts can be, to engage and encourage people to click.

We supply every image as a pre made 10 second animated GIF for you - ready to use!

Tip : Great for web pages too (like this one!)

4) Premade Emotional Cartoon Video stings for easy Drag and Drop Video Creation

Ready Made MP4 Video Stings of every image to use with your favourite software

Every image is made available to you as a 10 second MP4 video file. One drawn with the hand, one without the hand. You can easily sequence these together into video stories with the most simple software (we recommend Reevio), and use as a base to create GIFs in software like Doodle Animator

I have gotten to where I don’t even think about using anything other than Doodle Labs art for my Whiteboard videos and doodle animations. The art from Doodle Labs is uncommonly well made, easy to find, and easy to implement. However the most important Doodle Labs “feature” is that it is EFFECTIVE. Viewers consistently respond so much more to the art from Doodle Labs than anything else I have in my library that I can say it wouldn’t be the slightest exaggeration to state that the Doodle Labs art would be a no-brainer bargain at twice the price.

Scott Hamlin
Easy Animator Pro

Here's what you receive as an eMoodles Member....

Over 150 images per month

One new themed pack each week (over 150 images per month). Our packs cover a wide range of emotions, situations and niches, like "Having a Bad Day", "Kids & Family", "Delusion" or "Dentists", "Construction", "Medical" and much more.

To Preview Month 1 Images click here

GIF, MP4, SVG to use with favourite software

Every image is available as an SVG (for whiteboard type software), 10 second animated GIF (for social media quick wins, web graphics, email), 10 second MP4 - with hand and without hand - for use with virtually any video editing software. Easy to import.


We have run a successful whiteboard video and online marketing company for 5 years, so we share all our lessons in a series of webinars and videos such as "what i would do if starting from scratch" and "Emotion marketing step by step guide". PLUS technical training on how to use our SVGs, how to make video using Explaindio and VideoScribe and more.

Premade Videos

We have pre made over 20 1 minute videos (US and UK voiceover). Professionally scripted by David Kyte and drawn by Piers Baker, these are yours ready to giveaway for lead generation, or sell for immediate profit. Covering a range of niches such as online marketing, dentists, weight loss, hypnotherapy, real estate and more

ESP Script documents

Simply an INVALUABLE resource! Whatever niche you are in, if you are not using emotion marketing yet, try using our templates and see your results! We have analysed a number of niches for their emotional visual triggers, and written a bunch of script snippets for you to swipe for video scripts, gif creation and pretty much ALL your marketing!

Private Facebook 'Doodle on Demand" Group

That's right - we will be your backroom drawing team! You suggest images you would like to see in the facebook group, and if other members like your suggestions..we will draw it! Also a great group for sharing ideas, questions and successes!

Ready to join the Professionals...?

(and remember you have our full support in our members facebook group, whatever you may be struggling with)

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Important : This product is sold subject to licence terms. You can view the licence agreement in full here 

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